Calendars & Schedules

Calendars and Schedules for Active Employees

Although BCPS employees are paid biweekly, a payroll is processed and different groups of employees are paid every week. There are two basic payroll cycles: one for exempt, salaried employees; and one for non-exempt, hourly employees. Teachers and other employees represented by TABCO, and exempt administrative, executive, and professional employees represented by CASE are exempt, salaried employees who are paid the same day and follow the same payroll calendar. All of these employees are paid “to date.” Substitute teachers are also paid on the same day as teachers and administrators, but they are paid two weeks in arrears.

Because of the varying work schedules of BCPS’ non-exempt hourly employees, many of whom are represented by AFSCME (e.g., facilities, food services, and transportation employees) and BACE (e.g., office professionals, clerical and classified employees, and paraeducators), there are two hourly payroll calendars. All of these employees are paid on the same day and two weeks in arrears.

Payroll Calendars

Voluntary Deduction Schedules

In general, voluntary deductions, such as health care deductions, are taken over 20 pay periods. However, other deductions, such as county retirement and wage attachments are taken every pay period.

Payroll Cycle Schedule