FY2022 Operating Budget

BCPS FY2022 Adopted Budget 
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The Baltimore County Public Schools total adopted budget for fiscal year 2022 is $2.31 billion; of that, $1.93 billion is the FY2022 adopted operating budget.

About the budget development process

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all facets of our lives, with particular impacts on student engagement and enrollment in our schools. The FY2022 adopted budget provides step and cost of living increases for our hard-working staff, to ensure competitiveness with surrounding jurisdictions. The adopted budget includes federal COVID related grant funds to extend the school day by 15 minutes, prevent the reduction of 122 teachers caused by lower enrollment, and set up a virtual learning program for those students who will benefit from a continued virtual learning environment. These initiatives will help stem pandemic driven learning loss. The adopted budget also includes start-up funding for the new Northeast area elementary school and maintains facilities maintenance, technology infrastructure, and capital programs.  

All system initiatives will continue to support The Compass: Our Pathway to Excellence, 2020-2021 through 2027-2028, which was adopted by the board in July 2020. The five focus areas are:

  • Learning, Accountability, and ResultsIncrease achievement for all students while preparing a variety of pathways to prepare students for career and college.

  • Safe and Supportive EnvironmentProvide a safe, orderly, and caring environment for students and staff.

  • High-Performing Workforce and Alignment of Human CapitalRecruit and retain a qualified, highly effective and diverse workforce, and create a systemic professional development plan to improve work performance and readiness.

  • Community Engagement and PartnershipsCommunicate, engage, and partner with our parents and communities.

  • Operational ExcellenceEnsure resources are aligned to our system priorities and are distributed efficiently and effectively.

The budget process includes public input, a proposed budget by the Board of Education, and a budget proposal from County Executive John Olszewski to the County Council, before the final budget is approved by the County Council. 

Budget Documents:
FY2023 Operating Budget Schedule
FY2023 Capital Budget Schedule

FY2022 Adopted Operating Budget
FY2022 Board Proposed Operating Budget

FY2022 Proposed Operating Budget
FY2022 Appendix A. Schools
FY2022 Appendix D. Business Services

Board Questions:
FY2022 Operating Budget Responses Set 1 with Attachments
FY2022 Operating Budget Responses Set 2
FY2022 Operating Budget Responses Set 3


Superintendent's FY2022 Budget Presentation
FY2022 Operating Budget Schedule
FY2022 Capital Budget Schedule


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