Central Area ES Capacity Relief Boundary Study

Bookmark this page and refer to it throughout the boundary change process – we will update it regularly with new information.  The latest updates will be highlighted in yellow.


The purpose of the study is to relieve schools projected to be overcrowded and to maximize use of available space at elementary schools in the region.

Participating Schools:

  • Carroll Manor Elementary
  • Cromwell Valley Regional Magnet  Elementary
  • Halstead Academy
  • Hampton Elementary
  • Jacksonville Elementary
  • Lutherville Laboratory
  • Mays Chapel Elementary
  • Oakleigh Elementary
  • Padonia International Elementary
  • Pine Grove Elementary
  • Pinewood Elementary
  • Pleasant Plains Elementary
  • Pot Spring Elementary
  • Rodgers Forge Elementary
  • Riderwood Elementary
  • Stoneleigh Elementary
  • Timonium Elementary
  • Warren Elementary
  • West Towson Elementary

Boundary Study Committee

The boundary study committee will be identified this Summer 2023 and will convene in September 2023. Between September 2023 and January 2024, the committee will meet and host a two public information session to share the group’s work, talk with community members, and gather information. In Spring 2024, the Board of Education will consider and take action on the committee’s recommendation, including holding a public hearing.

  • For more information on the boundary study committee time commitment and responsibilities, please see the parent engagement letters below.

Stay Informed/Provide Feedback


  • Information Flyer
  • Attend Committee Meetings as an observer.
  • Attend the Public Information Sessions.
  • Watch meetings online on BCPS YouTube Live.
  • Submit a comment (coming soon).  Comments will be posted regularly on this page and provided to the boundary study committee.
  • Review committee data, materials, and maps archived after each meeting.
  • Use the CropperGIS interactive mapping tool to review options (coming soon).
  • Take the online survey (coming soon). 
  • Attend Board of Education meetings (February 27 and March 19, 2024) and the hearing (March 6, 2024).

Meeting Livestreams and Videos

Meeting Livestreams (YouTube Live) can be accessed via the links below.  After each meeting, the link becomes an archived YouTube video, which supports closed captioning (cc) in many languages.  

Please use the exterior cafeteria entrance for the George Washington Carver Center Cafe indicated by the red arrow in the image below.
G.W. Carver Center cafe

Meeting 1,  Thursday, September 21, 2023
George Washington Carver Center, Cafeteria, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  • Meeting materials will be posted Friday, September 22, 2023.


Parent Engagement Letter

  • Letters from participating schools:
 Parent Letter Version  Script Link
 English  English  Link
 Arabic  Arabic  Link 
 Burmese Burmese  Link
 Chinese  Chinese  Link
 French french
 Nepali  Nepali  Link
 Russian  Russian  Link
 Spanish  Spanish  Link
 Urdu  Urdu  Link
 Uzbek  Uzbek  Link
 Vietnamese Vietnamese   Link
 Yoruba  Yoruba  Link

Public Comments - Click here for comment form

Comment form QR code

Public comments will be collected between Meeting 1 (September 21, 2023) through Meeting 5 (January 25, 2024).  All public comments become official record and will be posted above periodically, including date and time of submission, first initial, last name, and commentary.  Please do not include information which may compromise your data security (e.g., phone numbers, addresses, names of children).