Cafeteria Registers FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q.  What is Mosaic, and why do we need to use it?

A. Mosaic is a food service management Point of Sale (cash register) system used in food serving lines with customizable menus, quick access to allergen information & medical alerts, and robust reporting capabilities.

Q. How will my child get their meal?

A. All students will be issued a unique pin number that will remain with them through-      their time at BCPS.

Q. How will students receive their PIN numbers?

A. The Office of Food Nutrition Services will provide each school with packets to include a roster for each homeroom teacher of their students and applicable PIN numbers, and individual student PIN letters for distribution to their students.

Q. What happens if my child forgets their PIN number?

A. All teachers are provided with a master list of their class numbers. In addition,  cafeteria cashiers will have rosters of students and will provide PIN numbers as needed.

Q. Are meals still free for my child?

A. Yes, each student may have one free breakfast and one free lunch daily for the                 remainder of this school year.

Q. Will my student be able to purchase snacks?

A. Snacks are expected to be available for purchase next school year.

Q. Can teachers/parents purchase meals from the serving line?

A. We are not able to receive any payment for adult meals this year but expect to                   resume it next year.

Q. Can I put money on my child’s MySchoolBucks account?

A. MySchoolBucks should be fully operational at the beginning of next school year.

Q. Will this make the serving lines longer?

A. Initially, the serving lines will be slower. As the students become more familiar with            the system, the lines will move more quickly.

Q. Where can I get additional information?

A. Additional information can be found on the BCPS homepage at Food and Nutrition Services link under Cafeteria Registers.

Q. I have a few students that did not receive a PIN number letter  or received it in the wrong language.  How do I request a few PIN number letters for my classroom?

A. Please contact your school's cafeteria manager with the name and grade level of the student.  They will email you the letters upon request.


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