NE Area Transportation Opt-In Pilot Program

As reported at the July 12, 2022, Board of Education meeting, to increase route efficiency and improve service to families, beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, all students eligible for transportation in the Northeast Area must register for service to and from school. School principals from participating schools communicated with families via e-mail Friday, July 15, 2022, and will follow up directly with families to ensure all students have the opportunity to register. A bus stop will NOT be assigned to eligible students if the transportation request form has not been completed by July 25, 2022.

Families without students attending the Northeast Area schools listed below are not part of the pilot program and do not need to register for transportation for the 2022-2023 school year. Northeast Area schools were selected for the pilot based on school year 2021-2022 transportation data. The Office of Transportation will provide regular updates to Team BCPS in our efforts to ensure safe and reliable transportation to families.

For students who enroll in school after July 25, 2022, Northeast Area schools will continue to opt-in students as they enroll throughout the summer and school year. As students opt-in, they will be added to our routing software and will be auto-assigned.

Carney Elementary
Chapel Hill Elementary
Crossroads Center
Eastern Technical High
Elmwood Elementary
Fullerton Elementary
Golden Ring Middle
Gunpowder Elementary
Halstead Academy
Harford Hills Elementary
Honeygo Elementary
Joppa View Elementary
Kingsville Elementary
McCormick Elementary
Oakleigh Elementary
Overlea High
Parkville High
Parkville Middle
Perry Hall Elementary
Perry Hall High
Perry Hall Middle
Pine Grove Elementary
Pine Grove Middle
Red House Run Elementary
Rosedale Center
Rossville Elementary
Seven Oaks Elementary
Shady Spring Elementary
Villa Cresta Elementary